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Introduction to the Rose Newsletter

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Welcome to the Rose Newsletter!

The Rose newsletter will enable anyone to further their knowledge in the accessible home modification space to support themselves, their family, their neighbors, and their community. This newsletter seeks to share the stories of people with disabilities, cut through stereotypes that are everywhere, educate on accessibility rights and needs, and promote policies for a more accessible world.

The Rose Newsletter is split into four categories:

Accessibility Home Modifications Tips and Information
Given the difficulty in navigating the home improvement space, the Rose Newsletter will simplify and inform a myriad of options to enable persons with disabilities to live a more accessible life daily. Beyond the American Disabled Act accessibility standards, we’ll provide actionable information to navigate working with home modification providers, general contractors, landlord/HOA, or other residential stakeholders. We will provide inspiration with modification design options, estimated price options, and even promote local contractors to connect with. We plan to interview industry professionals in this space to give more color and context, including tips and tricks. Should you or someone you know need information on specific home modifications or are looking for a home modification provider, please reach out to

Pioneers of Disability Activism
As my mother would say, “You need to give people their flowers whether they’re here or not”. This is what we will do with the Pioneers of Disability Activism section. We will profile individuals, groups, movements, and periods that served to move the global disability and accessibility community forward. From Patrisha Wright to the Denver Regional Transit Authority Protest, from the 504-Sit In to Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, this newsletter will tell stories/profiles about these heroes. Some stories you may know and others you may not, but regardless Rose will serve as another platform that champions these heroes. When possible, we will link out to the social media account or website of the individuals or entities that we post about.

Demystifying U.S. Disability and Accessibility Policy
As the name says, we will demystify federal and state policy of the administration, delivery, and payments related to persons with disabilities. What is durable medical equipment and how is it covered? Does my state cover this item for my child with cerebral palsy? We will answer these questions (and more) in a format that is easier to read than a 60-page government document. When possible, we’ll link you directly to application forms so that you do not have to navigate dense government’s website. If there are documents or forms, you'd like us to explain let us know at

Rose Weekly Reads
We will promote interesting and unique stories we've come across weekly which are focused on individuals with disabilities and accessibility movements. Our goal with this section is to give these stories an additional avenue of awareness. Additionally, we'll highlight other news sources, blogs, and resources in this section too. If you have any suggestions for stories to highlight, let us know!

We hope you find this newsletter informative and interesting. If there are any topics or articles that you would like to see covered in the future, please let us know! The Rose team is always happy to receive feedback from our readership.

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